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Yoshida Noriyuki
Japan a Land of beauty need our help
  Japan has been suffering of the Atomic Bomb
in 1945 at Hiroshima and Nagasaki and
is now suffering of the terrible events from
11. of March 2011.

Earth Quake, Tsunami and Radioactivity
coming from the damaged nuclear plants of


What can you do about the fear of radiation exposure ?

What can we do to protect ourselves from Radiation ?

Natureworld send the essences for free to the affected areas, to the persons

which working in the nuclear plant, the firemen etc.

Natureworld offers free HLT ® Treatmets for the affected persons

T1 Anti-Radiation-Essence ®
Photo: Andreas Korte


Delph ® Essence
Photo: Andreas Korte

Also available in a Set

- Since 1991 we are working in the dolphin research
-18 years research work in Chernobyl / Ukraine

This extraordinary essence was created as a result of the nuclear disaster at Chernobyl. 
We have been doing research on this essence for 18 years.

When and How to use it:

T1 helps to alleviate the negative impact of radiation and the fear that accompanies contamination.  It corresponds to the energetic frequency of radioactive substances without actually releasing them from the human body, from animals, food or water.

You would use it: 

1. after radioactive contamination from an area
2. after X-ray treatments
3. after Chemotherapy 

The T1-Delph Treatment

This is like a refreshing "Shower of Light" and has been described as sitting next to a small waterfall.

Again, this treatment helps to alleviate the negative impact of radiation and the fear that accompanies it, making you feel more relaxed and balanced. The instructions on how to use it are explained on our website.


Many domestic animals were left behind in the contaminated area around Fukushima.  Dr Sugimoto and her group, after helping the people in this area, are turning their attention to the animals.


Again, the T1-Delph "Light Shower" cannot eliminate the radioactive substances, but it does raise the energetic vibration of both food and water.  It increases a person's energy, balancing the body and bringing a feeling of being refreshed and cleansed.

Please remember:  Fear is very destructive to the immune system.  One of the medical doctors in Kiev observed that the people near Chernobyl who displayed intense fear of their situation, were the first to fall ill.

Also, always store the T1 bottle away from other energy essences.

        The T1 Anti-Radiation-Essence ® and the Delph ®  Essence, Photo: Andreas Korte

Actually there a two radioactive substances that may occur in food as well as in the drinking water.
The one is iod  i-131
Physically the activity of iod is going to 50% activity in a period of 8 days
The other is Cesium Cs-137
The activity of Cesium is going to 50% activity only within 30 years
Important is also the biologigal radioactive half-life period,
thats the time needed to expel half of the quantity received.
iod has a radioactive half-life period of 80 days
Cesium has a radioactive half-life period of 100 to 150 days
The effective time of decomposement of  iod-131 is about 7,6 days
The one of cesium 100 to 150 days

Radiation Cleaning
                    1. The person takes off the shoes
                    2. Use T 1 between the feet
                    3. Use DELPH Essence
                    4. Start from above the head
5. Go slowly down to the feet
6. Check the result
7. Clean with blowing or water                   

   Testing persons Igor                                      and Lena   with T1 and Delph Essence

Before the Application

During the application with T1 and Delph Essence

The result after the application

Igor from 19 mR/hr to 14 mR/hr

Lena from 19 mR/hr to 13 mR/hr

                                                26. April 1986: Nuclear Accident
                                    10 days the plant was burning
                                                Nuclear Fallout and clouds
                                                356.000 persons evacuated
                                                Building of a beton shelter
                                                600.000 - 800.000 workers (WHO)
                                                218.000 km²   37kBq    Cs 137

 Areas in Chernobyl with high Radiation                   Mr. Andreas Korte in Chernobyl June/2010

            In the second step we offer the Holistic Light Treatment, HLT ® with Nature World Corp., Japan

Holistic Light Treatment (HLT) ®
      Patent: Nr. 10 2010 033 046.9
Description of the patent protected Holistic Light Therapy HLT ®

The newly developed procedure represents a combination of light-, colour- and essences and music therapies, that either can be joined to the already existing institutions or entirely new houses could be created according to the treatment requirements.

-    The effect has been scientifically verified by the Institut for Communication and Brain Research in Stuttgart, Germany, (Dr. Haffelder).

This procedure not only has an effect on our light body (aura), it is also absorbed by the skin.
Today it is scientifically proven that the cells communicate amongst each other via light impulses.

-     This treatment strengstens the person’s self-esteem, balances his energies.

     Through this anxiety can disappear and impulses of self-healing may be activated.

-   The Delph Luminarium is the small version of HLT ® consisting of the Delph slide and essence.
     This dolphin light field is created, analog to the dolphin therapy. Very good for treating hyperactive children.

The advantage of this therapy
A new method of treatment with light, color and sound information combined with essences.
The human is being in the centre of attention. He should recognize himself again as part of nature and activate the possibilities of self-healing.
HLT ® Set:

- 240 Kirlian-Slides from the Essences

- 1 CD

- The authorization (Patent Protected)

HLT Delph Luminarium ® Set:

- 1 Delph Kirlian Slide

- 1 Delph Spray

- 1 Delph ® Essence 30 ml

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